Friday, May 28, 2010

Pardonnez-moi whilst I...

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When ‘tis tummy turns grumpy growly grumbly

All else bows and leave they take

'ere thou arrive, ending the wait o merciful thee

Stuff in’ say ye, o ravenous ye

Chomp chomp time for the sidey foodie

Chicken tikka with extra mayo to go from SUBWAY!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rise and shine (:

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For someone who lives in a ‘different time zone’, early mornings are time to go to bed, and especially during those wretched days we’re haunted by the ghost of the most unpleasant time of our student life.. EXAMS!! That’s when we turn nocturnal (most of us) and our whole schedule goes haywire.

So today, after a very unsuccessful attempt at studying, I sat gazing out my window. The breeze felt so good and made me feel  so fresh after hours of the head-breaking session with my books, I was tempted and so decided to go for a morning walk( :O), giving my darling Simba and Dad company.

Finding me up and waiting for him Simba was quite ecstatic. Gave me a very hearty, love filled good morning wish (slobbering technically but wth), and then we set out for the walk.

It was then I realized how totally refreshing and rejuvenating a simple morning walk is. We often read in books or papers about the sounds of the birds chirping, the smell of fresh dew, the fresh pollution free air but to experience it is something else. The trees look so green and welcoming, the chirping of the birds is music to the ear, and the air..aah nothing like the fresh morning air, making you feel healthy, just like that. The combination of all these, the cool breeze sweeping across your face while the warm sun rays touch gently is all that is needed to uplift your mood, a big feel good factor, a great start to a day, like a silent prayer reaching out from the smile that morning brings thanking the heavens for this beautiful day, the unpleasantness of yesterday long forgotten.

As I stroll about while Simba is busy finding the right places for doing the job he has to, I find other dog owners walking about with their pets, enjoying the morning along with them. And so I continued enjoying my morning when a few stray dogs caught my sight and I knew it was time to go back home else I would’ve been flying with the leash in my hand while my Simbu chased them. Headed back home, had a glass of lime water to make this morning perfect followed by buttered toast with nutella and coffee, read the paper (scanned actually).

Makes me want to get up at sunrise every day!! Ahem but yea I know myself too well ;)

Cheers to more such beautiful mornings!!

And now I have no idea what to do!! Still have hours to go before lunch time :P Hence the post! Although nature sure is lovely and deserves appreciation, God bless technology(read my laptop, the internet, my ipod and my T.V)! =)

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