Thursday, November 18, 2010

A royal engagement

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Her father a businessman, formerly a flight dispatcher for British Airways, her mother a former stewardess in the same and she from a normal middleclass family, a commoner, Catherine Middleton.

His father, the Prince of Wales, is first in the line of succession to the thrones of 16 independent states, his late mother the most beloved Princess, his Grandmother the reigning Queen, and he a Royal Prince, known as His Royal Highness Prince William, the Prince of Wales.

The two had met while studying at the same university; what started as a college romance has survived the long years and now finally has taken form of an engagement and what we have is a Royal Wedding to look forward to. A true fairytale of sorts where a commoner (though a wealthy one) and a Prince fall in love, are college sweethearts; face the many problems that being a Royal and being associated with a Royal automatically trigger, the constant media glare and the various speculations. We have a break-up due to all these factors and more but we also have a reconciliation. And then the big happy announcement, that the Prince has finally asked the question which is answered in the affirmative, and as we all know there’s always a ring to seal the deal there was one here too. It was not just another ring but the very ring worn by the late Princess Diana, the Prince’s late mother, on her engagement, that was used to seal the 8 year long romance; a gorgeous blue sapphire surrounded by a cluster of diamond! *swoooonnsss* Sounds like straight from a fairytale book doesn’t it, like the one’s we used to read and fantasize about, well good to know that someone out there is living it for real!

One happy event that 2011 will bring is assured, as this will be the biggest Royal wedding since Prince Charles had married Lady Diana almost 30 years ago. Kate Middleton’s fairytale turned true with her handsome prince popping the question; aah well your story will be told over and over again for a long time now about how reality just got a touch of royal magic. And to the rest of the female population watching their most beloved and precious Prince being taken for real, let’s just wish for each one’s Prince to turn up and real quick too!

Till then, here’s to “happily ever after”.. Cheers!

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