Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Art of Subtle Deceit

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This post is to celebrate the twisted tongue of the story teller in all its glory. I've come to learn that words are powerful, more effective than the action being described through them or the reason and purport of it. That's forgotten or more accurately veiled and hence successfully manipulated into being something totally different altogether by the very words that plant them in your vision. You might see the thing/event/situation that is being described and yet you're not. What you see is what you hear, what you're being told about that situation/event/person etc which can be far from the truth. How best to convey this lies in the hands of the one with the words, the artful narrator.
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I have had the good fortune of coming across some very talented specimen in this particular area. They convey the message alright but through their well practiced art of deceiving, the truth is overshadowed and what we take in are those very cleverly used words and tones spewing from these misleading mouths. I bow down to them, these great gurus of slyness and  trickery, these experts of craftiness. Entangled in the web of truthful lies are their friends, acquaintances and enemies alike; and almost always these masters of manipulation come out unscathed. I envy the confidence these confusion creators have, to look friends in the eye and lie, laugh and claim to love. Their convincing powers are not to be undermined, for that's how they have their entire world wrapped around their fingers, almost always.

I say almost, for time and a certain chain of events shed light on their shady undercover operations and unravel the layers of pretences, to finally reveal the person beneath, the real deal. It's like seeing your favourite celebrity sans make-up (do a double-take to reconfirm it's them?). The rest of the world is still enticed, ever hungry for the 'entertaining' lies being fed to them, lapping onto every word with the faith of the greatest believer, drowning in the depths of the falsity and falling forever in the endless abyss of the constructed perception. Don't mistake these deceiving doyens for the misinformed and their misinformation for any mistaken false witness. They very well know things as and how they are, they're just interested in making the world believe their version of it (with the halo shining on their head, the sun rising behind them, sprouting angel wings etc., get the picture?) A word here, a sentence there and their job's done. The seeds of confusions, doubts are planted that then lead to belief. Our mind works on the information laced with their opinions. And ta-da, thus forms our decided opinion...a horribly skewed perception of reality.
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Kudos to people who go through every day of their lives living a lie and convincing others of the same. Cheers to being shrewd and cunning in the most pleasing manner. Know that for some unfortunate few, your game's up and now they see through you, but rejoice, we appreciate your utter disregard for human sensibility and our intelligence, your antics slowly but surely provide us with a lot of entertainment. I enjoy being lied to when I know, inside my head I'm laughing my guts out at your sheer incompetence to stick to the truth. And I'll let you in on a secret, I'm guilty in most cases of egging you on. Oh how I enjoy it, two can play this game plus I'm always curious to the lengths that you go to sound interesting, convincing or whatever your motive is. It's highly amusing to see how wild your imagination runs. You remind me of the naked king who strut around his kingdom with an unmatched pride and conceit due to his 'magnificent clothes'. In your case, if not the whole city, a few sure as hell know a nonexistent cloth when they see your royal highness' precious bits a tad bit clearly and FYI we don't like being mooned.

You remain who you are, a person with a thousand affectations.

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