Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The in-between we spell L-I-F-E

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With nothing interesting to do I was reading up random quotes, poems, articles etc., when I noticed one common point of contention. Life. Life and everything related. And the most common question that every thinking soul ponders upon at some point almost always is “What is the purpose of all this?” Other similar questions “Where are we going?”, “What is our purpose here?”, “What have we come to exist for?”, “What IS the ulterior motive…?”. I turn to my family and friends with the same questions, first they dismiss me and my silly talks as always, but then when I insist on knowing they give me the answer which doesn’t quite answer the question… “You’ll find out, eventually, that’s what we’re here for”. Ok, you’re as clueless as the rest of the world!

For the most part we tend to take no notice and ignore such insights; be oblivious to it and go on with our normal daily lives, no matter how tedious and monotonous this wont gets, being irrational about the place we’re headed to, smothering what we want to do to make place and time for something we HAVE to do. It maybe our sub-conscious self telling us that the likelihood of the universe conceding to out innermost wishes is few and far between, so isn’t it wise to move ahead and reach for that which we yearn and crave for as opposed to the many frivolous and petty affairs and pursuits? Here’s a thought, honestly I think the perseverance we’re endowed with is all for the wrong reasons, to meet misguided ends! Isn’t it unbecoming of us to think eminently of ourselves as the most supreme creation? Why do we assume such self-importance among all other things? We have a certain exaggerated opinion about ourselves that makes us bathe in vanity and self-conceit.

Wonder why we ignore the fact that we will, come hell or high seas, cease to be! There might be a why and a wherefore for our being and the one who solves this paramount, most substantial mystery becomes omniscient…all knowing! I have a metaphor quite apt for the whole purpose of life…a well, an indestructible unfading well. The purpose of life is exactly like a well. We know it exists, that fact is established. Yes, at the end of our journey there will be the answer as to the purpose of it all. The question to actually think about is whether the well is brimming with water or just dried up, whether we have lived all this while to find that there is some relevance to it OR to find that there is in fact nothing to it!.. So there is a purpose, the findings differ. So in the end we might just find out that life genuinely has no meaning, and mankind serves no end. There is a possibility that life is insignificant and death without consequence, it may be immaterial whether or not we live.

I’m reminded of what Somerset Maugham had once mentioned, that ‘..why can it not be that man, no more significant than other forms of life, had come not as the climax of creation but as a physical reaction to the environment?’

And so I think I shall give this question of the purport of life a rest, wait till I get to the well to find it either empty or full, but in the due course have my mind open with wonder for the possibilities of all things is so high and great. All we can do is not be insufferable insolent know-it-all’s when it comes to this, let each one figure it out for themselves and most importantly accept that all things considered we’re part of a very stupendous and immeasurable universe, a very modest, ineffectual and trifling part.


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