Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A shopper's delight!

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With just two days to go for the grand festival of lights Diwali, most of us find ourselves rushing to finish the never ending last minute tasks. In the process of seeing through all the preparations, juggling work, getting all the chores done, it wouldn't be a surprise if some of us have had to sacrifice our favourite leisure, retail  therapy! Shopping always calms the nerves , no matter if it's just 5 hours of store hopping to buy the perfect belt, there's no better feel good factor than the shiny new cover holding your best buy! (I can see you nod in agreement, you know I'm right :P)
Well in this day and age you needn't sulk over the no-time-to-shop situation, a click of the finger does it all. As for myself, I've picked out a few things for my wishlist that I would LOVE to have in my wardrobe. Normally I'd need a credit card that has got no limit to splurge to my hearts content but the Diwali sale is on and these prices might not burn a hole as big as a crater in some of our pockets. Check out where you can find this sale at the bottom of the post. But first without any delays here's a look at my wishlist:

1) Tommy Hilfiger by Helana Christensen (Limited edition) Handbag for Rs 8,900.
Priced at RS 32,500, this mimosa yellow bag is a frigging steal! I'm more into neutral shades, but this eye catching arm candy will surely bring that added fun element and can pep up your outfit, your mood, damn even your day. I absolutely love the clasp with the metal knot detail. Spunky much!

2) Calvin Klein white trouser with Denim Effect for Rs 5,400.
This classic cotton white skinny trouser originally for RS 9,500 is a must have for every wardrobe. The denim effect makes it a winner for not only can you pull off a great formal look in them but you can totally rock a more casual get up as well.

3) Dolce & Gabbana Black leather belt for Rs 5,400.
Originally priced at Rs 9,700 this D & G beauty will make any look ultra chic. The right belt when accessorized the right way can totally alter how your outfit looks. Go fab with it on your shirts, tops and even dresses. And since when does anyone have to think twice for anything D & G!?

4) Dear Cashmere Pink Waistcoat Rs 5,600.
This was love at first sight. Honest. Priced at Rs 23,000 this Dear Cashmere Pink waistcoat stole my heart. No matter what you say, a girl will ALWAYS like/love pink. Great colour that pops out, stylish neck, gorgeous material, what's not to love? Oh-so-girly or not, this one's sure to make you all Pretty in Pink!

5)CK blue Satchel for Rs 3,500.
I would already have lookalikes of this bag, but still buy another one. This is one of those pieces that you could never go wrong with. The dark blue is great, love the effect of the CK logo printed all over the bag originally priced at Rs 9,100. This blue nylon satchel bag with leather trim comes with a removable shoulder strap and CK logo. Two thumbs up! Look for the day-Uber stylish with the no nonsense bag.

6) Fornarina Antique Pink Pumps for Rs 4,300 and Chloe Strap Black Peep-toes for Rs 11,900.
It's possibly my weirdest fantasy (as of many others I'm sure) but I dream of having a shoe closet as big/glamorous/happening as that of Carrie Bradshaw *swoons at the thought*.The clothes, the bags, the jewellery ALL take a back seat when I think of ALL THOSE SHOES! My collection would just get that much better with these two pairs of fabulous shoes I would love to have.
The leather pumps, originally priced at Rs 8,400 in the antique pink colour give a very delicately feminine feel. I believe shoes tell a lot about how you feel, your mood for the day. With this one the mood reads shy, girly, loved, relaxed, romantic.

The black peep-toes priced at Rs 27,900 (sales make me oh-so-happy when I get to have something as amazing as this), are definitely très belles chaussures! Mood? Read sexy, fun, flirty, bold! Let your hair down and party the night away in them!

7) Magic Diva Black Dress for Rs 2,200.
This Magic Diva viscose black dress has an eye catching contrasting neck design. Originally priced at Rs 9,200 this is a great piece for your wardrobe since the LBD is a must! Accessorize it with chunky bracelets complimenting the neck design and you're ready to burn up that style quotient.

8)Calvin Klein grey top for Rs 3,600.
This Matt viscose top worth Rs 6,500 is a must have basic top for any wardrobe. It gives a sporty, casual and chic look. Throw in a scarf, add a belt, maybe pair it up with a jacket, wear it over a trouser, a skirt or even shorts! So many options, so many fantastic and different looks.

9) CK Belt with Logo Punched for Rs 2,400.
This Rs 6,300 worth White leather belt has the Calvin Klein logo detail with punched holes along its length. Glam up a boring tee/shirt/dress with this belt and what you have is an instant transformation from dull to glamorous! Love the white!

10) Emporio Armani Shades for Rs 6,700
At Rs 18,200 originally, these Unisex sunglasses with 100 % UV protection are just what you need to complete your fab look for the day. Formal, casual, day-out, no matter where and how you ALWAYS need a pair of sunglasses and these really gorgeous Armani ones are just perfect! Keep those eyes protected in style. Have an Armani, keep it classy.

Yes I know it's a big list but it's a WISHLIST plus I'm a greedy child *naughty smile*. There were many more really great items I would've added but this is the 'best 10 must have essentials I would love to own' list A girl loves to shop so now, coming to where one can find all of these and much more (the kids and men's collection are great too). I've been browsing through a few sites and I cannot believe I didn't see this earlier (mental kick to self) but Qvendo is having a grand Diwali sale! Whoooopppiieeee! If you haven't heard about the site, make sure you check it out. The merchandise is top notch, with exclusive brands, top designers and the deals (whenever they come by)are great. And no it's NEVER too late to shop. Still don't agree. Have a look at their Diwali sale catalog and tell me if you don't do a mental dance of sorts looking at the offers! Here's where you can register yourself and it's done. Start shopping, splurge, give yourself a Diwali gift, you've earned it! And as an added bonus, the site offers free shipping till the 27th of this month on all your purchases.

Happy shopping, have a fun and safe Diwali!

P.S. The items listed above are all available in the Diwali sale catalog and the sale ends on 27th October.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

That kinda day...

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And so it rained.., the melancholy within accompanied with the storm ushered by the daunting clouds, and its predictability like the uncertainties around. Nature's mockery in giving a night with tears on her dark face; weather sure is a great metaphor.  
Ever wonder about the tale behind a tear? The deceiving calm hiding the tumult; fixing the world around yet broken within, exuding strength covering up the crumbling faith, a helping word for all and yet a dejected silence for self. Ever wonder why is it so easy to get through hell and high seas for another and helping them see a better time? Because you know, you realize, the trouble with giving yourself a pep talk is that deep down you know it's all bullshit. And you know those lines they repeat to you, they were yours. Your very own words that got them to their happy state. But they don't work on you. Nothing does. When everything takes a downward tumble, when it's out of your hands the best thing you could hope for is the knowledge that you really couldn't have done anymore than you already did.
Wishing you could fix it all gets you nowhere. Don't seek, don't search, don't demand, just relax and it will be there; things in their own time. In the mean time don't try making sense of life as it seems to be. It is but a doodle, you can either appreciate it as a piece of art or rubbish it as nonsensical patterns, or maybe be indifferent to it and do what you have to anyways and the answers will come to you in their own time.
And when you realise it you will see that it was with you all along. The answers, the way out, the sane voice, the right words. You. All you. 

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