Saturday, December 11, 2010

Haaaaaappy December folks =)

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Winters always do this to me! I love December, no not just because it’s my birthmonth; there’s a whole lot of things about the month that just make it the best. For one, my calendar is scribbled the most on this month, so many happy occasions! Well I’ll ignore the fact that there are so many to steal my thunder but w-o-w so many birthdays in and close to December!

Studying at St.Ann’s, this was the one time that we would look forward to the most;students and teachers alike. The entire atmosphere in school would turn festive and there would always be that cheerful mood about everyone and no not even exams could dampen them. Christmas time! Santa visiting school, giving out gifts, Christmas decorations adorning the place, Christmas carols, just every thing Christmas! Holiday season; even now after all these years.

The food! It's called holiday weight for a reason ;) And it's pardonable, the world can cut you some slack there it's the holidays! So go ahead, BINGE!

Ooooh and the weather! I don’t mind early morning sunshine but I’m more of a Winter person. I’d rather go teeth-clattering my way than sweating; ANY day. The woolens, the warm bed, the comforters, the feel of a cup of hot chocolate in your cold freezing hands…wowie right!? I know a lot of people crave for some sunshine but I don’t mind, I mean we have enough of it throughout the year can I not have just ONE month of my favourite weather? Not like we aren’t doing enough to see to it that we never have winters again; we’ve done enough damage already.

Also the fact that this is the last month of the year would have a lot to do with it being different, special if I may say so. The year’s gone by, I speculate, going through the past events, my life the last year, knowing what I’ve done right, accepting my mistakes, realizing where I went wrong, wanting to change things, wishing to end the year on the positive note that I still have myself, I still have those who love and cherish me around, getting the right perspective of things, seeing how things happen for a reason and finally feeling glad they turned out the way they did even if then they seemed horrid, being thankful for all of it, getting the wish-list for next year ready too ;), and finally getting ready to bid adieu to the year, letting bygones be bygones, and stepping into the new year with a high that’s got nothing to do with alcohol :P

DECEMBER! I love thee :D You’ve always been a happy month for me and I hope that continues to be the case forevermore.

Go *brrrrr..* Go green. Save my December! Oh and HAPPY HOLIDAYS =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sit with me

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Their incessant chatter and laughter made the clamorous platform a lot more noisy. Passers-by rightly guessed they were students. Young 16 year olds, off for a college vacation..yes..there was no doubt about that given the enthusiasm and excitement their laughter and merry talk was exuding.

It wasn’t infectious though. She wished it was. Standing a little away from the group, she looked at them with a feeling she couldn’t quite describe…these were her college mates, familiar faces, yet….
yet none was her friend. She admitted it. This was clearly a mistake. She regretted her decision. How could she be a part of it when she clearly wasn’t one of them? She tried in vain to find that initial eagerness she had.

She tried to tell herself she would make new friends. *sigh* No.

No she wouldn’t. She never could. She was the life and soul of a party, she was the centre of all things fun with her friends. But…she was bad at making new friends. Shy. Silly. True. She was but 16. Still. She told herself she’d enjoy the place. I doubt it said a voice inside her. She needed company. Her friends had bailed out. Alone. She looked at them again. Apparently she was invisible.*sigh* They were clicking pictures, their vacation had begun. Fun.

She felt alien. The other girl was voicing her exact thoughts. Prattling away about how she regrets not staying back. Shut up already! Damage done. Now she wistfully thought of the her friends, the cute guy she had a crush on forever, they had planned for the holidays together, they still would carry on with it. Without her. She was off on a vacation. With strangers. She wanted to cry.

There’s the signal. They get in. Too late.. too late…she thought. Bade goodbye to her parents, completely ignorant of the uneasiness she was feeling. Smile. For them. Wave. A little more enthusiastically. Turn. Pretence not needed now. Her shoulders drop. *sigh*. She walks along the long corridor to get to her compartment. Empty, save the ranting girl. *sigh* She sits next to the window. Great start she thought bitterly. The others have all disregarded the instructions given and were all assembled in one compartment, having a ball.

Lonely. No… it will be good. It won’t.

It was all crashing down. Every effort to look cheerful. This was a vacation! She should be thrilled. Then why was she so upset? She felt like now she could cry… or was she already? No. No she wouldn’t. Distraction. She looked outside the window. Stare out at the passing fields. Kids waving. Yes. Distraction. She shouldn’t be miserable. No she wasn’t. This was a vacation. Smile. Smile. Be happy. She wasn’t! Why wasn’t she? She couldn’t. Upset. Forlorn. She hated that very instant the fact that she was incredibly shy. She didn’t want to be. She didn’t have to be. But she was. Silly. Making new friends was daunting? No. Still. Getting past a few minutes seemed laborious! She had the entire week ahead. Depressing. She wished she was not on this train. She could now hear them sing. Stupid. Stupid me, she thought to herself for the millionth time that evening. She closed her eyes. Feeling the wind on her face as the train picked up speed, chugging along noisily. The sounds unsuccessful in drowning the singing. She tried to also block out the rants of the other girl now painfully describing what might’ve been. A smack on the face with her heavy bag would shut her up, she thought. She smiled at that picture. She sighed. She heard someone rush past her compartment giggling. She returned to concentrating on the rhythm of the train. Giggling. Block it out. It was getting closer, they would pass by again. Eyes still closed. Concentrate. Calm. Why aren’t they giggling their way back?

‘Hey!’ ..she opened her eyes. A curly haired girl from the group had stopped right in the middle of the compartment, smiling. A subdued hi was all she got in reply. ‘Why are you sitting here all alone?’. She too seemed to ignore the irritating girl who thankfully was quiet now. “Well I don’t really know anyone that well’’. Apparently it was amusing. The bubbly excited girl without a moments hesitation smiled the warmest smile ever. “Arre..that’s no problem yaar..come sit with me!!!”


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