Monday, March 15, 2010


Posted by Komal RK at 12:19 AM
Being a little biased towards the old traditional conventional way of penning down my thoughts, in a nice hardbound book with a very catchy, trendy, fun theme, using my favourite fountain pen, this had to wait a while. Very gradually the idea of blogging was growing on me, and finally, I gave in to it! Not that I don’t like my fountain pen or my JOURNAL anymore, nothing can ever take their place, blogging wogging nothing. But since I type faster than I write might as well have an addition,  go electronic,  providing a lil sneak-peek inside this head of mine which according to most people never rests.."Why do you always keep thinking?” “ Why do you not shut down that brain of yours?” Well for one I’d be dead if I did duuuhh(lame I know, you have to put up with it)!!.. Plus I like it, like to keep those gray cells working, assures me I have them ;)

So  there are things I keep pondering about, my musings, the numerous deeply insightful thoughts ;)

And those are exactly what I’ll be blogging about, my take on things a-z. To give a general idea, I tend to get very philosophical at time, poetic too, sometimes even the lamest of things make me laugh my head off, my chosen career, incase that doesn’t work out my alternate career plans (this was a friend’s suggestion, brainstorm whatever when we were being silly ;) ), BOOKS, the current happenings, my ever growing to-do list, French, ohk before you doze off there also are movies, shopping, t.v series, shoes, parties and the like..phew..

*totally bollywood/hindi daily soap style*And so a new journey begins …




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