Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For the love of Double Trouble

Posted by Komal RK at 12:52 AM

With overwhelming joy I took the box in my hand. I closed my eyes for just a second and in the same instant did what my friends call the 'Goat Dance'. 

After a mundane day at work, reading the plaints, tracking them down, checking to see if anything interesting was happening in the virtual world, I reached home ready to call it a day. Another 'nothing-special' day I thought to myself. If this is how my days are going to be once I start working full time, I wasn't so sure I wanted to do it. Pondering over how I'm going through a quarter-life crisis (yes, you read it right and yes it does happen!) the BB went ping.

Friend: ''Stay at home tonight''.
Me:"Ummm, Ok..where else will I be?!"
Friend: "Good! Stay awake till 11pm"

Now having known this friend for a while I was pretty sure she was going to pass by my place on her way someplace and so as the ritual at such a time was, would give me a call, say "hiiiiiii Ko..Byeeee Ko" in those 3 seconds it takes to cross my house, laugh, exchange a few stupid lines, laugh some more and hang up.
I was curious nonetheless. So a few more nonsensical messages were exchanged (yes, the word mental was created for us) and I went back to waiting for the day to end. So when I got a call from this friend to step out of the house my curiosity levels peaked. This was strange, I thought. What could possibly be the reason for a casual hi at this hour?

Saw her cab (she came here directly from the airport?! What's going on?!) pull up in front of the house. She got down holding something, in that instant Simba came running down and I got a little distracted trying to get him to go back in the house. I turned to say hi when my eyes fell on the cover she was holding. And then I heard the words "You always keep talking about them so I thought I'd get them for you"

And in the cover was *drum roll please* a box of *even more drum roll if you may* DONUTS! Yes, donuts from Mad Over Donuts, Mumbai, donuts that I abso-fricking-lutely love, donuts that I was craving for since so long, donuts that made me do the 'Goat dance'!
You would too if you were a dessert deprived foodie with an extra sweet tooth. 

Made. My. Day.

Authors note: Goat dance is a form of dance that one does in euphoric situations to express the immensity of one's happiness. Normally the person exhibiting it hops around the same place with hands bent at the elbows and fists clenched, head tilting to the right and left with each hop. There can be variations to it depending on the Dancer's level of euphoria and lunacy. The name has been inspired by the goats of Farmville in Facebook (No you needn't like the game to use this form of dance, you just need to be a little silly)


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