Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Long weekend at Lonavala..comical really!

Posted by Komal RK at 10:42 PM
Well it isn’t like I’ve been having a really hectic and tiring schedule to actually feel the need of a weekend getaway, quite the opposite really. But when you have parents who insist on the “family trip” funda, with a nice spell of the choicest senti emotional dialogues ever , then there’s little you can do. And so we leave for Lonavala. Yes yes “but whyLonavala?” right, got a lot of that, so here’s one thing you should always keep in mind, plan things well in advance else the only thing every nice place will offer you is a “no vacancy” and you will end up in a place with few takers.

Essentially a holiday for my lovely mother (who made sure she pointed out that even though she had stayed in Pune for 3 yrs Dad darling had never taken her to Lonavala), my sis and I managed to while away time (People who say music isn’t important are WRONG! It saved me from boredom!!). It took us no longer than 3 hours to cover the whole town. The place would be perfect during the monsoon, the view all around pretty pretty. Real good for people who indeed have a tiring time and need to get away for a while.  As for us, we somehow survived for there was something every girl finds life-saving… SHOPPING… And then having friends come down to meet you just does it. It’s a different thing altogether that they find the fact that we’ve travelled all the way from Hyderabad to Lonavala highly amusing , something they cannot possibly comprehend ( unlike you we don’t stay in Mumbai silly people..duuhh!!). And so we become the butt of all their jokes, in short a very louuuuly time. And so we’re back from this utterly funny trip in a way, bags loaded with every kind of chikki and fudges.

Stomach full khushh.. parents  khushhh.. toh hum bhi khushhhh!! :)



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