Friday, July 9, 2010


Posted by Komal RK at 8:29 AM
I'm no psychiatrist so I cannot possibly unravel the mystery and answer the question as to why we’re so hooked onto Facebook. Why every face is glued to it, why without it the day feels incomplete, we feel restless and we fear the world would end *eyes wide in horror*, oh yes who needs 2012 for that. But its true!

So we all want to stay connected, want to catch up with long lost friends, want an easy and convenient way of letting them know what’s going on, but FB has taken it a whole notch different. Apart from being a brilliant site there are a lot of things about it that irritate the life out of a sane person. To list a few…

1. We have people spending hours together taking care of their ‘farms’, making a living in ‘yoville’, taking care of their ‘pets’, feeding them on time, harvesting crops, buying tractors, waiting tables at their ‘cafes’, playing ‘uno’ to ‘cricket’ to warring with others donning the avatar of a mafia or a socialite or a vampire, there’s a whole range of choices you’ve got. So we turn into farmers/chefs/event managers/socialites/mafia don/werewolves/zombies/vampires/treasure seekers/completely jobless morons.

Till a certain point it’s actually fun, then bearable, but jeez people seriously get a life!

2. Another highly irritating thing about FB wannabe’s is God-save-my-ear kind of screams, the shouts for attention.

So you took a quiz that says you were a princess and you publish it with the awwww’s and the hearts and you actually have people commenting on it! Sweetheart, you need help..So you took a quiz that says today your ‘lifebox’ gave you a ring.. do you even HAVE a guy?... So you took a million quizzes that say you’re caring, loving, true friend, will save a puppy from the villains(get the picture?) and you publish one, then the other, then the next, for which you keep commenting and liking. Seriously you need help if defend yourself saying the results of such quizzes make you feel good and happy..WHAT ARE YOU.. 4?

3. And another pain.. ‘LIKE’… Again with the FB wannabe’s, you think liking gazillions of pages would make you interesting? Sorry to burst your bubble but you will remain the same, just that your profile will be a total mess… Right from ‘The sky is blue’, to ‘you suck’ to ‘we’re jobless’ to ‘dude can you like get a life’ you go and click that teeny like button on every darn page you can set your eyes on saying 'ooohhh I feel this way too', 'ooohhh I do this too' or 'oooohhh I would want to like this' or 'ooooohhh I wish I could do this but wth I’ll just go ahead and like it cze heyyyy it’s easy'.. One could write an entire novel out of just the pages some people like! One thing I’ve never really understood is why on earth do people go ahead and ‘like’ their own status msgs?! Or any of their posts or pics?? Dude, if you hadn’t liked them you wouldn’t have posted them, we get it!!

4. Also, STOP COPYING!.. That’s just so lame! Do you even read faking news? NO! But when one person likes it, next thing you know you have a dozen other friends liking it as well!... It’s fine if you read it and genuinely like it, but in the ‘faking news’ case out of personal experience I can tell that there a lot of people out there who’d like just about ANYTHING!  The ‘Ooh she /he liked it must be good/cool/happening let me like it too’ will NOT make you cool and happening you poor babies!

Like I said, till a certain point it’s fun, and then you MOVE ON! Not continue being addicted! Give those silly quizzes a rest and let them be, leave them for the time you are bored to death and have absolutely nothing to do! And WHAT IS the deal with the death calculator!?!?! :O Don’t even get me started on the Lifebox! Right now I just happened to get a request for something called the ‘Fire God Mountain’! Helloooo!!!

Among this set of rubbish is are some very few decent applications, social interview for one, and a few more like it..the games are pretty alright till a whole bunch of friends keep pestering you to ‘help them raise their barn’, or ‘gift them a dish’ or ‘do whatever it is that you’re bugged to death for’. Then is the time you ask them all to simple grow up!

I wonder how many people actually care or know or make an attempt to know about the zillion awareness groups they join…Join join join…like like like… If that was a real wall I’d bang their head on it!

Play all you want, looks like you’ve got a lot of time on your hands to spend, but when that box appears that asks you if you want to publish it or skip, do us all a favour and SKIP!.. We’re the ones with the messy homepages cze FYI we’re NOT interested if you’re a butterfly or a stinky bat, if you were Cinderella or Cruella or if your bridal dress is made out of leaves or if you’re going to die listening to Himesh Reshamiya (Although if you do listen to him you probably deserve it).

So grow up, get a life, get out, play some real games, get some real adventures, do some real shopping, take care of some real plants and trees, adopt a real dog, give a real hug to a friend,  enjoy the site and DO NOT take it to the extremes that would drive others up the wall!.. NO not the FB wall!!...
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manoj said...

Lol Amazing! Hahaha.


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