Friday, February 11, 2011

It's good to know you

Posted by Komal RK at 5:04 PM
So here I am done with breakfast, done reading the paper, finished reading the news online (checking if I missed anything really), latest scandals involving politics, sports, the entertainment industry, while simultaneously checking my FB home feed and tweeting my thoughts (social media gets to you), wishfully browsing the different smartphones in the market and ordering a laptop (finally) for myself. How gadgetfreak-ish do I sound! I mean I was far from being one; you tell me anything techtype and I’d go zzzzzz but not so much anymore, now I listen and you have my unfailing attention. I find myself reading the entire article about the new Hp touchpad being launched and wonder will it give the ipad any competition. That’s NOT me! I was a complete dud when it came to this, I’d have a better shot at understanding Greek and Latin.

What started as a simple research for the right laptop, reading a million reviews and the specifications, gave way to curiosity that clawed its way in till I was reading not just about laptops and notebooks but about phones, tablets and ipad, DSLR’s and the likes. And today when certain terms didn’t feel all that alien, when I knew what I was looking at and understanding the words when I was reading them, I did a mental happydance jig of sorts in my head, because FINALLY I was able to crack that solid wall of defense system that technology seems to have against people like me! Ok so it might be a centimeter of a crack but who cares! Achievement is just that, big or small regardless :P Being an amateur is better than being completely inept and looking plain foolish!

Such joy…

Scary looking gadgets, I shall conquer thee!



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