Sunday, February 13, 2011

The week that was

Posted by Komal RK at 1:52 AM
The 3 things that had my constant attention this past week…

1) Census 2011- Bright and early as my days are for quite sometime now, I was up when a young girl in her early 20’s accompanied with a young boy came ringing the bell to my house. Soon I was helping her fill out the census form which focused on the education and livelihood details of the family. Rightly so as this was for population enumeration; Governments efforts to have a National Population Register. I had doubts about the accuracy of such a large operation which were confirmed when the girl who was filling out the form was doing so with a pencil and when I asked her why she said ‘So I can erase and write neatly’ :-/ Right. And some columns that she conveniently ignored as she didn't understand what was required to fill. Only when I interrupted and said I’d fill the entire form was it complete and accurate; till it would get erased out to be filled again ‘neatly’. With more than Rs.6000 crore being spent on this, lets hope for the result to be somewhere close to the the real thing.

2) Aarushi unsolved mystery- With the highest investigation team of the country throwing its hands up and giving the no-clue say, we’re left to speculate of what actually transpired that fateful night 2 years back. After requesting for a closure on lack of substantial proofs which was rejected by the court, the parents of the girl were accused with murder. Even with a number of witnesses we see the people responsible for the crime get away with it; with no witnesses, tampered crime scene and inconclusive proofs, can there be justice in this case? Lets hope there is, there’s a little girl who deserves that.

3)The crisis in Egypt-  To see a country that tops my to travel list amidst such a crisis was saddening. The past few days saw the results of years of oppression, of that unyielding desire for a democracy even as we take ours granted, the future of one of the oldest civilizations on a knife’s edge. All eyes on Tahrir square and on this growing movement of protest against the administration the Egyptian nationals are unwilling to settle for anything less that the Presidents ouster. Well if over 30 years you haven’t quite made an impact as a leader on the people of your nation then this had to happen.As a last resort to cling on to power Mr.Mubarak’s plans of forming reform panels and amending the constitution didn’t go down well (the time for that has now long gone), what do you expect to achieve in 8 months that you haven’t in 30 years?

On the brighter side now Hosni Mubarak has finally stepped down, having to give in to his own people; with the nations hope for a government of representation to build on the pillars of peace and equality, all we can hope for is for the beautiful country to save itself from the after effects of this turmoil, for a future it deserves best.


Manoj Ramchandani said...

What was Devas Multimedia scam?

Komal on February 13, 2011 at 4:05 PM said...

It's an alleged scam over the allocation of the S-band frequency by the ISRO in a deal between ANTRIX (its commercial branch) and a private company Devas Multimedia which has cost the exchequer an amount of close to 2 lakh crore. The allocation was apparently handed over to Devas without undergoing the formal bidding procedure that is a prerequisite and lays down the initial foundation of the contract formed. The latest on this is that ISRO is planning to annul the agreement.
We had yet to get over the 2g scam and we have another one thrown in the open. UPA at it's 'best'.


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